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New Song Nashville's Podcast

Aug 22, 2021

I Corinthians 12:4-11; 14:1

1. Revelation Gifts
-Word of Wisdom
-Word of Knowledge
-Discerning of Spirits
-These gifts enable you to SEE something you could not see if the Holy Spirit didn’t reveal
2. Power Gifts
-Gift of Faith
-Gifts of Healings
-Working of Miracles
-These gifts enable you to DO something you could not do if the Holy Spirit didn’t give you
the divine ability.
3. Vocal Gifts
-Different Kinds of Tongues
-Interpretation of Tongues
-These gifts enable you SAY something you could not say without the Holy Spirit’s enabling.

1. Pursue Love
2. Desire Spiritual Gifts
3. Especially That You May Prophesy

Speaker: Pastor Dale Evrist