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New Song Nashville's Podcast

Feb 23, 2020

  • Confession & Repentance
  • Prayer For The Church
  • Prayer For The City

Speakers: Pastor Dale Evrist, Pastor John Hall, Pastor Joel Evrist


Feb 16, 2020

Kids Gospel Focus - Pastor Dale Evrist

1. The Purpose of New Birth
2. The Pattern of New Birth
3. The Process of Ministering New Birth

The S.A.L.T. Principle
Start a Conversation
Ask Questions
Tell the Story

Speaker: Pastor Joel Evrist

Feb 9, 2020

Isaiah 58

1. Afflict Your Soul: Softening and Sensitivity
2. Approach Your God: Prescription and Prognosis
3. Assess Their Need: Recognition and Revelation
4. Answer to Their Need: Compassion and Care

Speakers: Pastor Dale Evrist, Pastor Greg Hagan, Pastor Joel Evrist, Pastor Scott Weaver

Feb 2, 2020

Habakkuk 2:1-4; Psalm 145:1-17; Luke 1:1-4; Acts 1:1-3

1. Journal Your Journey Daily
2. Journal Your Journey Deeply
3. Journal Your Journey Dynamically
4. Journal Your Journey Devotedly

Speaker: Pastor Dale Evrist