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New Song Nashville's Podcast

May 24, 2020

Acts 2:29-47

1. The Christ - The Anointed and Appointed One - Creating Anointed and Appointed Ones

  • Preaching and Prophesying the Christ of Pentecost
  • Promoting and Provisioning the Christ of Pentecost
  • Proving and Providing the Christ of Pentecost 

2. The Community - A People Unified by the Love, Life and Light of God in Christ Jesus

  • Community of One Allegiance
  • Community of One Accord
  • Community of One Attitude

3. The Commitment - Doing whatever it takes for as long as it takes to realize a redemptive goal in the life of another

  • Commitment to prayer
  • Commitment to care
  • Commitment to share

Speaker: Pastor Dale Evrist